Leicestershire Campaign to Protect Rural England

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How we work

CPRE Leicestershire is part of national environmental charity with over 200 local groups and a branch in every county.

It is also a charity in its own right. We use our local knowledge and national profile to tackle both specific issues that really matter to our members and the public, as well as the wider challenges the countryside and rural communities face.

CPRE Leicestershire members are united in their love of Leicestershire’s landscapes and rural communities. Together with CPRE members across England, we stand up for the countryside so that it can continue enchant and inspire future generations. We work closely with our colleagues at CPRE national office in London.

Leicestershire’s environment is constantly changing and planning decisions have and will have a significant and lasting impact on the future character of this beautiful county at the heart of rural England. Planning is central to CPRE’s concerns and work and so we are actively involved in the planning system nationally, regionally and locally.

If you are already a CPRE Leicestershire member, you could help us by monitoring developments in your part of the County.

If you are not a CPRE member, please join us and help us.


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