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Ashfordby and Thorpe Satchville Wind Turbine Planning Inquiries

View of Burrough Hill View of Burrough Hill Peter Finch

CPRE is making representations to 2 Public Inquiries regarding planning appeals in Asfordby and Thorpe Satchville. CPRE objected to the planning applications for 9 wind turbines at Asfordby and for 2 turbines at Thorpe Satchville which were refused by Melton Borough Council.


Peel Energy have appealed against Melton Borough Council`s decision to refuse permission for 9 wind turbines to be erected between Asfordby and Welby. The turbines proposed would be 8 x 125 metres and 1 x 108 metres. CPRE objected to this application on the grounds that there would be significant adverse impacts on:

  • the setting of Grade 1 and 2 listed churches and buildings in Welby, Asfordby, Kirby Bellars, Saxelby, Wartnaby and Ab Kettleby;
  • the local landscape and on the views from Wreake Valley, High Leicestershire and the Vale of Belvoir;
  • the recreational amenity for local people and visitors using footpaths and bridleways which run through and adjacent to the site;
  • the rural economy, through loss of tourism to Melton and the loss of jobs in the adjacent Serco Business Unit;
  • bats and birds who use this site as a wildlife corridor between nearby nature reserves at Brown`s Hill and Priory Waters.

It is CPRE`s view that these significant adverse impacts outweigh the possible environmental benefits of this proposal.

Representations should be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by 26th March 2013. The Planning Appeal reference is: APP/Y2430/A/13/2191290. A Public Inquiry will be held at Phoenix house, Nottingham Rd, Melton Mowbray on Tuesday 7th May – 29th May, commencing at 10.00 a.m.


Thorpe Satchville

CPRE objected to 2 separate applications for wind turbines at Thorpe Satchville. One turbine at Park Farm would be 77 metres high and the other turbine at Hall Farm would be 46 metres high. Melton Borough Council refused these applications and the applicants have lodged appeals against this decision. CPRE objected to these applications on the grounds that there would be significant adverse impacts on:

  • the setting of Burrough Hill Iron Age fort and the surrounding historic landscape.  If 1 or more large turbines were to be erected within its vicinity, they would greatly detract from the setting of this very significant monument. The view across East Leicestershire from the Iron Age hill fort should be free of other dominating features in order that the full strategic significance of this site and its location can be appreciated.
  • the rolling High Leicestershire Landscape. CPRE has argued that a precedent has been set in a previous appeal at Ingarsby. In that case, the Inspector concluded that “the proposed turbines would impose themselves as a result of their height and the moving turbine blades and would be seen from many local roads and footpaths around and about. They would appear as a pair of relatively prominent, isolated structures with moving blades in a rural setting which, because of its undulating character, pattern of enclosure and relative freedom from intrusive artefacts, attains a particular sense of intimacy. In this setting, such development would appear intrusive and would disturb the intimacy that is strongly characteristic of this landscape.” (Para.8)

CPRE is also concerned that the turbines will detract from the tranquillity of the area and from enjoying the local footpaths.

The deadlines for representations on the Thorpe Satchville appeals have past and the appeals are currently being determined by a Planning Inspector.

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