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Energy and Climate Change

Proposed site for a wind farm in Ashfordby Proposed site for a wind farm in Ashfordby Photo: © Photo source

The county of Leicestershire has a long history of providing energy to England. Coal mining has been carried out here on some scale since the 13th Century, with great intensification in the 20th Century. Today, with the depletion of coal resources in the region and growing concerns about global climate change, the future of energy production in Leicestershire is changing but it is a safe bet that electricity generation will continue to play a major role in the economy and landscape of the area.

CPRE, both locally and nationally, believes climate change is an urgent and complex problem. We support strategies like curbing the growth of energy demand, encouraging energy efficiency, and promoting a wide range of renewable energy technologies. CPRE Leicestershire works to ensure that all electricity projects are carried out with proper consideration for local landscapes and communities, in ways that protect and promote the ability of the Countryside to provide other services from recreation to clean water and habitats. The production of energy from both fossil fuel and sustainable sources can be scaled and adapted to local settings and we seek to support appropriate, thoughtful energy developments whilst opposing those that will do unnecessary damage to the beautiful landscapes and vibrant communities of rural Leicestershire.

While acknowledging the significance of solar and wind power, CPRE supports the development of a wider range of possible energy technologies including small-scale affordable projects from passive solar to anaerobic digestion and micro-hydro. At the same time energy efficiency should be supported by better planning with policies supporting low-carbon building and strong public transportation options.

Shale Gas:

In 2012 residents of the East Midlands learned that significant reserves of shale gas had been identified under Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, and Derby. While future plans for these deposits remain unclear, CPRE Leicestershire is monitoring developments.

Wind & Solar Power:

The UK government is committed to meeting 15% of the country's energy demand from renewable sources by 2020. In 2011, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, only 3.8% of the energy being consumed in the UK (including for transportation and heating) was being produced from renewable sources (up from 1.8% in 2007). Several wind developments and one major solar power project have already been constructed in Leicestershire and more are under consideration. CPRE supports projects that have a minimal impact on the local landscape and have been planned with attention to natural beauty, animal and plant habitats, and local communities. To find out more about specific projects opposed or supported read through the Updates in the Campaigns section or visit our Resources section to read the archive of CPRE Leicestershire's newsletters.


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