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Volunteers required for CPRE Leicestershire

Volunteers are at the heart of CPRE Leicestershire and our strength lies with their skills, energy and drive.

CPRE is the voice for everyone who cares about the English Countryside. CPRE Leicestershire works to protect the beauty and tranquillity of our rural country and to promote a sustainable and living countryside for future generations.

Volunteers are wanted right now! Are you passionate about protecting and promoting Leicestershire’s beautiful countryside? Do you have the time, skills, experience and knowledge to help us?

CPRE Leicestershire is always seeking volunteers. We have an ambitious Strategic Plan to increase our activities and raise our profile, so are looking for more volunteers to help with our work.

You do not need to be a planning expert (few of us are!) as there are many other activities on which we need help. Contributions and expertise vary enormously. It does not matter how much time you can give – whether you make a regular commitment or just help out for the occasional hour, every little helps.

We are currently looking for

  • Planning Volunteer
  • Volunteer Coordinator

In addition, we have an ongoing need for help with

  • Administration: minutes; agendas; webmail;
  • Press: to create press releases and draft letters on CPRE campaigns both national and local; to create and maintain the press database;
  • Web and social media: to set up social media; link to like organisations; update and post regularly; encourage others to post;
  • Public speaker: a volunteer to introduce CPRE Leicestershire to parish meetings, WI, civic societies etc

We would love to hear from you about what skills and interests you could bring to CPRE Leicestershire’s committed team of volunteers. Please get in touch with the Branch Chairman, Tony Stott on 0116 2302715 or our Membership Secretary, Joyce Noon on 01509 414519 or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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