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Damaging HS2 route in NW Leicestershire withdrawn with assistance of CPRE Leicestershire

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 21:11

The Government announced on 17th July 2017 they were abandoning a proposed re-route for HS2 around Measham.

A summary of the route refinements can be found here.

The proposed change in November 2016 was said to address the 2013 route’s impact on large business interests. It involved a deviation from the ‘transport corridor’ principle that was followed elsewhere. The line has now returned to a version of this earlier route.

A coordinated campaign MAPA (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) HS2 Action was created, supported by the Parish Councils. North-West Leicestershire District Council was persuaded to support the case. Workshops and online guidance led to 588 objections being lodged (compared to 50 in favour).

Objectors drew attention to the proposed route’s impacts including the destruction of many small businesses with employment loss; increased noise and visual impact; fragmenting the countryside and ‘islanding’ rural villages between the motorway and HS2; a longer crossing of the River Mease Special Area of Conservation (a European level designation); running close to the Grade 1 Sir John Moore Foundation building and school; and alongside a working cemetery.

There is general skepticism about HS2’s benefits and the route will still affect many, so the outcome is a relief but many are still unhappy. There will be further opportunities to ‘tweak’ the route and to assess mitigation measures.

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