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If you care about the future of our beautiful Leicestershire countryside – stand with us!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 17:03

As readers of the Leicester Mercury will be aware, the future of Leicestershire up until 2050 is being planned by the city and other local authorities.


At this stage the Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) draft document is being discussed by the local authorities and will being open to the public for comment in January 2018. Details and how to comment may be found at:



CPRE Leicestershire is concerned on a number of levels:



· We believe the housing numbers, which local councils have accepted without challenge, are inflated because they have been wrongly assessed and overestimated to meet a perceived need for growth. The housing crisis is one of lack of affordable homes not numbers of actual houses.


· The proposal for siting the majority of Leicester city’s predicted housing need on greenfield sites in some of the county’s most attractive countryside by infilling with homes between Leicester and a controversial Eastern Bypass needs rethinking.


· We are concerned about this approach being used to justify the Leicester Eastern Bypass, which would generate additional traffic and create longer journeys. Is the bypass just a feeder road for more housing? We need to concentrate on urban transport solutions, particularly public transport.


· We consider that traffic from new homes infilling between Leicester & the proposed by-pass would soon compromise its effectiveness. We are particularly concerned that the infill housing is viewed as helping fund the by-pass and the risk that Government funding might not materialize. Without safeguards this could mean that housing is built before the by-pass with no certainty that the by-pass will proceed.


· The assumptions about economic growth in the SGP in the county are optimistic and require a significant uplift from past trends.


· There is a need to look again at Leicester’s capacity to see if the city can do more to allocate brownfield sites for housing or redevelop existing sites more efficiently.


· This housing close to the city would damage the local countryside enjoyed by so many people in the city as well as losing agricultural land.


· The large industrial sites (roughly 50 ha plus), particularly logistics, need to be assessed across the Midlands. There is a risk of double counting with other parts of EM and WM. There is a risk of over-allocating such sites which are very damaging to the countryside.



If these matters are of concern to you please do something. At CPRE we have a distinguished history of effective intervention in challenging inappropriate planning.

Together we can make the relevant changes to protect our heritage.

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